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Project Development and Consulting Services, Place Management, Cultural Management, EU funding, Accommodation Projects, Construction & Sustainable Development.

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fourLINK Consulting are a team who have been involved in developing holistic solutions for a sustainable society for over 19 years. Our team have come together from a variety of backgrounds and countries and have collectively developed and delivered a number of projects across the globe, including projects for the World Bank, the British and Croatian Central Governments, Regional Governments, Swedish and Croatian Local Governments, Cities, private developers and private business.


Our focus can either be at a holistic level or local level. Taking a holistic view means we can focus on Regional or City wide projects. We have worked on many Place Development enhancement projects throughout Western and Eastern Europe where we have enabled communities to start becoming self-supporting, where an entrepreneurship spirit is instilled in the communities which improves the quality of life for all:



  • Place Management Consultancy Services

Place Development Services / Branding

A city, region or even a whole country can be holistically developed in a sustainable way through careful analysis, stakeholder consultation and developing a vision. It’s not simply about creating short term slogans; it’s about creating long term relationships and a sustainable future.


  • EU Funding Advice

We have worked extensively with preparing projects for EU funding and so understand the process and the opportunities that can be realised when working with the EU. The process must be approached in a certain way and we can lead or provide guidance on this.


  • Cultural Strategy

Cultural Sector Consulting and Management

Within the Cultural Sector we are providing help with the building up of proper cultural politics for local and regional level authorities. Our approach is to align all cultural “workers” (all who are creating cultural politics) to prepare suitable projects and programmes to improve their abilities for sustainable growth of institutions in culture.



  • Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders are often overlooked in a project which can lead to problems with unexpected outcomes. We are experts in identifying and managing stakeholders, so that they become aligned and support the project, helping it to succeed.



  • Master Planning Strategy

Master planning cities or districts is an important first step in creating exciting places to live and work. We have been involved in a number of master plans over the years, where the emphasis is on creating functional solutions which nurture a places’ ability to thrive, and develop.



  • European Capital of Culture (ECoC) Consultancy

ECoC bid preparation expertise that starts from defining the vision, the preparation of a methodology to the creation of the bid book and final presentation for the EU Commission. Project development involves consultation with all relevant stakeholders and creating a consensus around the vision and a strategy for the candidate city.



  • Public Procurement Tender Preparation

We are experts at advising on and preparing tender documents on behalf of public organisations who are preparing to bring projects to the market. Understanding the CPV language and making a roadmap for proper tender submission makes us a solution in an often chaotic and stressful tender preparation period.


  • Project Auditing

The ability to review a project, either close to completion through an End Line study or following completion, to check compliance is an extremely important task which we can provide. Both financial and technical audits can provide an opportunity to uncover the issues and challenges during the project delivery, and can be used to ensure budgets have been correctly spent and the project objectives have been fulfilled. Lessons learnt for future projects is also a key output.




On a project level, our experience can be summarised as follows:


  • Project Development Services and Project Finance

Getting a project off the ground is the most difficult part of the process. We have years of experience of project development in both the built and non-built environment by putting teams together in order to get the right expertise and the right energy behind the project idea.


  • Project /Programme Management Consultancy

Managing a project, a programme or even a portfolio is crucial to ensure a successful outcome in terms of time, cost and quality. We have been doing this for years and have many successful projects behind us, and can either lead the process or advise on how best to set up the process.


  • Risk Management

Any project carries risk which threatens to derail a successful outcome. We believe pro-active risk management must be applied to every project to ensure risks are identified, understood and managed in order to minimise the likelihood of project failure or delay.



Within the Built Environment Sector at the local level we provide the following services:


  • Architecture

Housing Consultancy Services

Our in-house architects have significant experience of the planning, design and execution of different types of buildings in a number of countries, especially housing. We can provide design advice, guidance or full design services.


  • Sustainable Services Building Consulting

Our experts are able to provide a range of environmental guidance on solutions for a sustainable future within the built environment. Alternative energy solutions and sustainable living is of particular interest to us, particulary off-grid solutions.



  • Low Energy Consulting

Solar Energy Consulting Services

We can provide advice on photo-voltaic and associated battery storage solutions in today's rapidly changing market.


  • Technical Documentation Preparation

The preparation of technical documents for a project – particularly when it is for a funding application or to secure permission – is very important to undertake properly, and we can advise on this and bring our extended team on board to support.


  • Construction Management

Our project managers can advise you or even lead on construction projects once they are on-site, or alternatively can provide guidance on the construction process.


  • Accommodation Solutions

We are presently undertaking a number of projects to address the most basic of human needs: to provide a safe, dry and warm places to live. We can provide innovative and efficient solutions to provide accommodation to anywhere in the world, and are presently consulting on projects in India, Kenya and Sweden.



  • Visitor Centre Advice and Thematic Intrepretation

We can advise on how to create a 21st Century Visitor Centre attraction and how thematic interpretation can be used to identify themes, how to anchor with stakeholders and create both a physical and electronic interpretation to help promote any attraction.


  • Product Branding

We can advise on product branding for individual items or ranges of products, including marketing strategies.



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