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Project and Place Management Consulting Services and Delivery

Our goal is to create sustainable, stable places, for the journey ahead. From Place Management at a country or city scale down to individual building projects.

fourLINK Consulting is an international team of experienced consulting professionals with an extensive network and expertise from working in Europe and around the World.

Creating Stable Places for the Future

Some of our core services include:

  • Project Management
  • Place Development
  • Heritage Interpretation
  • Visitor Centres
  • Architecture and low-cost housing
  • Built Environment Consultancy
  • Training
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October 2020:

  • fourLINK have won the SME News award for "Most Innovative Sustainable Solutions Consultancy 2020". We are delighted to be recognised for our achievements within the field of sustainable consultancy within the built environment and place management field, especially during the continued backdrop of a challenging world economy.

July 2020:

  • We continue to develop our low-cost accommodation solution, working closely with one of our manufacturers  and supply chain. We expect to be entering production during the autumn.

March 2020:

  • fourLINK's priority is the safety and security of all our staff members, colleagues and customers. We are therefore closely observing the lock-down imposed by various governments around the world, and our staff are working safely from home. We do not expect any major disruption to our services, over and above being grounded from physically travelling at this time. 

  • fourLINK are entering the next phase of two key sustainable accommodation projects which have been developed by our team of experts. More news to follow!

February 2020:

  • fourLINK are pleased to continue our work in the Caribbean and have been appointed to provide urban development and planning advice to a private client in Trinidad, where the goal is to create a high quality sustainable built environment on the island.

January 2020:

  • Happy New Year to all our customers and colleagues!

  • fourLINK are pleased to continue our relationship with the academic sector and to provide teaching assigments to architecture and engineering students at Lund University in Sweden. This is part of our mentorship programme for the next generation of place managers and place shapers!

November 2019:

  • fourLINK are pleased to be invited to advise on a place development project in South Africa, aimed at providing a sustainable environment and jobs for thousands of future residents and employees.

October 2019:

  • fourLINK, together with our colleagues from Eventor are today presenting a poster at the 5th International Professional Conference “Trends and Challenges in Food Technology, Nutrition, Hospitality, Tourism, Education and Training“ at the BIC in Ljubljana, Slovenia. (23rd and 24th October).

Our invited submission is : “Building Immersive Experiences By Using Gamification – A Case Study: Old Fair By The Castel, Vrsar, Croatia".

  • fourLINK and our colleagues at Eventor joined forces on the 11-12th October where we presented at the international scientific conference dedicated to P. Kupelwieser.


Kupelwieser was a 19th century visionary and entrepreneur who was one of the pioneers in tourism        development in southern Istria and left a major impact on the Brijuni islands.

We presented the paper: "Experience design by applying the method of storytelling: P. Kupelwieser, the Phenomena".

September 2019:

  • In every drop of water - life and a story! We have just completed the first phase for the town of Funtana where we have delivered a thematic interpretation plan and a concept design. The phenomenon of our interpretation is water; spring water and sea water - both seen as the key element that played a fundamental role in forming the cultural landscape of Funtana. 

June 2019:

  • fourLINK are pleased to have won the SME News "Best Sustainable Housing Consultancy 2019 - UK"

May 2019:

  • We are happy to announce that our first workshop for the town of Funtana will be this Friday, 24th May. Our task is to facilitate the stakeholders to develop a vision for the interpretation of the marine coastal town of Funtana, a place which has a deep connection to the sea and where fishing is one of the local working traditions. Together with the local community, we will help decide what will be the most presentable and suitable options for the interpretation.

       To find out more about Funtana, please visit their web page: https://www.funtana.hr/

April 2019:

  • 3rd April: We have been pleased to support Assa Asbloy Entrance Systems by hosting a workshop at their head office to discuss the AEC process and to help their teams to become even more successful.

  • fourLINK have been tasked to raise project finance and to provide business planning for an urban food production company who have filed for banktruptcy. Recognising the need for sustainable food production in society, fourLINK are pleased to support this urgent need.

March 2019:

  • 19-20th March: Members of the fourLINK team, together with Eventor have just returned from two successful days participating in the conference "Climate is Changing“ held in Pula, Croatia.

Our team presented the results from the project which we delivered during 2018 for the Brijuni National Park within the scope of the Interreg Mediterranean project: Guiding Mediterranean MPAS through the climate change era.

Our work was an analysis of climate change on the socio-economic aspects of the Brijuni National Park; nature-based tourism destination adapting to future climate change.

  • 15th March: Members of the fourLINK team are back from Sri Lanka, where we have been providing consultancy and advisory services on both Place Management, low-cost housing and construction development, surrounding the tea plantation industry.

February 2019:

  • We continue our involvement with LTH at Lund University in Sweden by delivering further lectures on project management, project development and stakeholder management to the Architects and Engineering undergraduates.

January 2019:

  • 26-27th January: The fourLINK team were at the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Hackathon event 6.0 at Bloxhub in Copenhagen this weekend to meet the teams creating innovation new ideas for the built environment and tech industry. Some incredible ideas were being developed and presented, and it was a great experience to be surrounded by the innovators who are pushing technology.

  • 1st January: A Happy New Year to all our Clients, both past, present and future. After a very exciting 2018, we are now well rested and ready for the new challenges of 2019!

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