About Us

About us

We create solutions for a sustainable society: from low-cost accommodation projects up to Place Development at a larger scale. We're focused on supporting society by developing and delivering projects which draw on existing assets and new technology to allow communities to become more self-supporting and self-sufficient. 

We have worked all over the world
fourLINK have worked with providing plantation housing
Group Training
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Low Cost Housing

We are experts at providing a varierty of low-cost housing solutions for different markets, including remote camps.


Our in-house architects have significant experience of the planning, design and execution of different types of buildings in a number of countries.

          Project /Programme Management Consultancy

          Managing a project, a programme or even a portfolio is crucial to ensure a successful outcome in terms of time, cost and quality. We have been doing this for years and have many successful projects behind us, and can either lead the process or advise on how best to set up the process.

          Project Finance

          We offer tailored project financing solutions, enabling projects to advance without liquidity constraints.

           Risk Management

          Any project carries risk, which threatens to derail a successful outcome. We lead on pro-active risk management on every project to ensure risks are identified, understood and managed.

           Sustainable Services Building Consulting

          Our experts are able to provide a range of environmental guidance on solutions for a sustainable future within the built environment. Alternative energy solutions and sustainable living is of particular interest to us, particularly off-grid solutions.

          Visitor Centre Advice and Thematic Interpretation

          We can advise on how to create a 21st Century Visitor Centre attraction and how thematic interpretation can be used to identify themes, how to anchor with stakeholders and create both a physical and electronic interpretation to help promote any attraction.


          We can provide bespoke training on Project Management, Stakeholder Management and Risk Management.  

          Place Development Services / Branding

          A city, region or even a whole country can be holistically developed in a sustainable way through careful analysis, stakeholder consultation and agreeing on a vision.