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Food packaging waste

PPWR EU Policy on Packaging Waste

8th March 2024

In a significant move toward reducing packaging waste across the EU, lawmakers have this week reached a pivotal agreement that reshapes the landscape of fast-food packaging. PPWR (Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation) marks a crucial step forward in the fight to reduce waste.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving Sustainable Development Together:

Understanding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

16th January 2024

In the pursuit of global prosperity, well-being and respece for both people and planet, the United Nations introduced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) almost 10 years ago in 2015.

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Cardiff main retail street

The Struggle of the Welsh High Street: Empty Shops on the Rise

1st September 2023

Recent data from the Welsh Retail Consortium (WRC) reveals a concerning trend for Wales, with over one in six shops standing vacant, making it the country with the highest number of empty stores in the UK...

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The World’s Most Liveable Cities in 2023: Where Quality of Life Shines

21st August 2023

In an ever-evolving world, the concept of a livable city continues to captivate urban planners, policymakers, and citizens alike. 2023 brings forth a new list of the world's most livable cities, showcasing exceptional quality of life....

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 Internet of Things in Construction.

Building the Future: How the Internet of Things is Revolutionising Construction

2nd January 2022

As the world ushers in a new year, the promise of technological innovation looms large on the horizon. One such innovation that has slowly been making waves across construction is the Internet of Things (IoT).....

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Oil in Uganda

Uganda's New Oil Discovery: Fuelling Sustainable Development

17th December 2021

Uganda, a landlocked country in East Africa renowned for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is poised to usher in a new era of economic growth and development: based on oil....

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Water Tanks in Johannesburg

Johannesburg: the City With No Water

21st March 2023

Johannesburg is a city which should not exist in it's present location. But it clearly does. At 1,753m above sea level with no rivers or natural water sources, this bustling metropolis in South Africa grapples with a daunting water scarcity challenge every day...

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Water treatment plant being fabricated

Canadian Potable Water Treatment Plant

17th October 2022

As part of a recent assignment, members of the fourLINK team have just returned from a factory inspection and sign-off of potable water treatment (PWTP) plant in Canada...

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Energy Conservation in Buildings

Leading the Way: Cutting-Edge Energy Conservation Strategies

17th November 2021

As the autumn nights are drawing-in here in Europe, and with the crazy covid situation slowly showing signs of easing, attention is once again turning to our indoor environments, and how we use energy.

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City Branding in 2021. Montreal, Canada

City Branding in 2021

1st February 2021

2020 put our world through an unprecedented test. According to the findings of The Brand Finance Nation Brands 2020 report, “the total brand value of the top 100 nation brands has dropped by more than US$13 trillion over the past year.....

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Tourism in 2021

Tourism in 2021: the New Challenges

15th January 2021

2021 is finally here and for many people around the world, it could not have come soon enough. There is no question that the world has changed dramatically over the past 12 months for everyone as Covid-19 has touched every human life in some way....

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Solar Thermodynamic Heaters: the Sustainable future of Hot Water?

17th October 2020

fourLINK have been looking at the relatively little-known solar thermodynamic water heaters, which can be used for creating domestic hot water and powering underfloor heating with minimal environmental impact.....

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Covid-19 - Corona Virus

27th March 2020

We are presently experiencing the greatest threat to our everyday existence in living memory. The Covid-19 virus, more commonly known as the Coronavirus....

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fourGREEN is a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) indoor agriculture (IA) hydroponic urban food production system from fourLINK.

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British Government announce £90 million drive to “reduce carbon emissions”

18th February 2020

The UK’s Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng has today announced a £90 million package to try and tackle emissions from homes and heavy industry....

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The Role of Place Management within the Tourism sector

10th September 2019

The tourism sector has often been seen as a good source of potential income for any community. With exception to the “over-tourism” of the tourist...

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Tea Plantation housing

31st March 2019

fourLINK Consulting have launched a new concept for low-cost tea plantation housing in India and Sri Lanka.....

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Solving the Poop Problem

10th May 2019

We’ve been looking into the ever-growing problem of affordable and safe solid human faeces disposal, in connection with developing low-cost houses. ...

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ICOM – the need for changing the definition of a Museum

23rd March 2019

It is less than two months to go to celebrate "International Museum Day"; an event organised by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and celebrated since 1977. According to the ICOM, last year more than 37,000 museums participated...

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The Free Public Transport Revolution: the Dunkirk Experiment

7th November 2018

The historic French Port City of Dunkirk has embarked on a large-scale social experiment by becoming the largest city in the world to offer completely free public transport to everyone...

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The Paradox of the Low Energy Lifestyle   

12th October 2018

Low energy housing needs no introduction as an important contributing factor to combating climate change. Modern technology has allowed the industry to develop better quality insulation, with lower levels of uncontrolled air infiltration, the prevention of cold bridging

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The War Against Single-Use Plastics   

29th June 2018

The war against plastic waste has taken another small but important step forward this week when the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain Morrisons have announced they are replacing all plastic bags in the loose fruit and vegetable section with “traditional” paper bags...

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The Rise of Solar Power in 2017 

11th April 2018

A new report shows that 2017 was a landmark year for the development of solar power generation, as 98 gigawatts of new solar power projects were commissioned around the world, which is in excess of the net additions of coal, gas and nuclear power plants combined...

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Talent attraction for the digital economy: Vermont Style 

8th June 2018

Talent Attraction to any city, region or place is an essential requirement for today’s innovation and knowledge-based economies. It can also help form the life blood for developing and sustaining local economies. Every region and city has...

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The Cape Town Water Crisis

31st January 2018

The current water crisis gripping Cape Town should be seen as a wake-up call to all of us, on the importance of water conservation and how changing weather patterns and population shift can quickly create problems in this essential supply....

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The Production of Trends

9th January 2018

Back in the not-to-distant past known as 2016, a local trend hit the mainstream: the Danish term "Hygge"  perfectly embodies the emotion that additionally associates us with Scandinavia. The term “hygge” doesn’t literally translate...

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The Left Handed Fiddler

10th November 2017

As part of our work in the field of Cultural and Historic Place Development, the fourLINK team are pleased to present Angus Grant, the famous Gaelic left-handed fiddler talking about....

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Immigrant Incubators

28th September 2017

The fourLINK team have today returned from an inaugural workshop to discuss the creation of immigrant incubators, in order to support the recent arrivals into Europe.  Based on our work with SME’s, incubators and refugee accommodation...

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Follow Up and Keep in Touch – the Magic of Networking

25th August 2017

The truth is, to go out and meet new people, to make new connections -  in other words - networking, is not always prioritised in many business models or....

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Visitor Centres – Designed for the Future

20th April 2017

By now every country has at least one facility commonly known as a visitor centre. As the name itself suggests, it is a place focused on the visitor to that place or attraction. But not just any centre; it is a place which reflects the sense of a local asset....

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Some Swedish town halls are in for a big surprise…

14th December 2016

Some Swedish town halls are in for a big surprise - and not of the good kind. Almost all Swedes know that their country is currently experiencing the worst housing shortage ever...

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Climate change influence on the Historic Environment

11th Janaury 2017

We think that most of you will agree that climate is not the same as it was in the last century. Our grandparents - even parents - are saying that they had different climate conditions; winters with...

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Passive House Explained in 90 seconds

10th November 2016

The Passive House standard was first agreed in May 1988 through a series of test projects. The first built examples were constructed in Darmsted, Germany in 1990, as a row of four terraced houses...

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The Rise of the Mini Grid in Kenya

15th November 2016

The Kenyan Government are addressing the increasing demand for reliable and affordable electricity supplies to rural areas through the encouragement of decentralised mini grids...

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3 out of 6 European Cities Top the 2016 Housing Bubble List

29th September 2016

The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index has just been published and reports that a number of housing markets around the world are seriously overheating, with six at significant risk of being property bubbles...

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Volunteer Management

20th September 2016

Everyone knows the term “volunteering.” It is considered something highly valuable if it's on your CV. Simply as a reference to promote yourself as a professional who has - besides your regular job...

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Execute, Execute, Execute!

6th September 2016

We are often approached by potential clients looking for support to get their projects off the ground. Generating ideas, weather for tech-startups, property developments, strategic project development...

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Thinking Innovation

29th August 2016

July 10th is the 160th birthday of Nikola Tesla, the inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist...

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European Union Funds for Rural Development

10th May 2016

Western and Northern European countries like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Scandinavian countries are not only the most developed countries of Europe...

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Chasing Ghosts and Selling Fog

15th April 2016

One of the joys of working in the consultancy industry is that we meet and interact with a large number of people all of the world every day. We are often introduced to and meet new connections...

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The Challenge of Gaining the Title: European Capital of Culture

30th March 2016

The European Capital of Culture (ECoC) initiative was conceived in 1983 with the aim of highlighting Europes' common history and culture, and the richness...

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From Food Waste to Green Buses

18th March 2016

A quiet revolution has been taking place in Sweden where fossil fuel has almost entirely been phased out of public transport and city owned vehicles in the country’s third largest city...

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Urban Future Conference: March 2016 in Graz, Austria

10th March 2016

We have recently returned from the Urban Future Conference which was a two-day event held in Graz, Austria...

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Secured by Design for Housing

11th April 2016

Secured by Design is an official Police security initiative within the United Kingdom which has been developed over a number of years to guide new build developments with proven design practices which help create safer and more secure environments....

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Management of Cultural Infrastructure – Historic Cities

1st March 2016

When thinking about the meaning and concept of a city, we often have in our minds tall buildings, lights, crowds and a lot of buzz. If we go back in history...

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European Union Structural and Investment Funds

28th February 2016

The role of the European Union is under a lot of scrutiny at the moment, and so in this blog we explore a positive aspect and explain what is required for an application for European Union Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)...

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The Uninterested Stakeholder

17th February 2016

One of the key skills on all of the projects we work on at fourLINK is stakeholder management.  We simply cannot develop and deliver projects in isolation without engaging stakeholders in the process...

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The Microhouse in Sweden: Attefallshus

15th February 2016

Like most northern European countries, Sweden has a large demand for affordable residential accommodation which the market is struggling to provide. In late 2013 investigations...

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Destination Management Organisations

26th February 2016

When thinking about the meaning and concept of a city, we often have in our minds tall buildings, lights, crowds and a lot of buzz. If we go back in history...

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Refugee Accommodation in Sweden

20th February 2016

fourLINK have recently been working with with accommodation solutions for refugees arriving in Sweden. The plight of millions of displaced Syrian citizens around the world has continued to...

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Cultural Policy in Government

17th February 2016

When thinking about the meaning and concept of a city, we often have in our minds tall buildings, lights, crowds and a lot of buzz. If we go back in history...

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Smart Cities in Croatia

5th February 2016

As we work extensively with helping smart cities develop in sustainable ways we wanted to share some experience from this field.  The aim of this article is to explain and demonstrate some...

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Public Procurement: the good and the bad

11th January 2016

We were recently discussing the challenges and opportunities which Public Procurement can bring.  As a consultant we’ve worked for many years around the world on the client “buyer” side where we’ve issued...

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