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Follow Up and Keep in Touch – the Magic of Networking

25th August 2017

fourLINK the power of networking

The truth is, to go out and meet new people, to make new connections -  in other words - networking, is not always prioritised in many business models or even in many people’s private career development. Sometimes we just don’t feel the confidence of going out there -  like on a date - but a different type of a date where you are showing what’s your sleeve, and checking the same for the opposite side.

It is time-consuming and most people working the whole week for hours and hours are usually more aligned with the idea to snuggle under the blanket on the sofa and have a nice drink as a reward for a job well done that day.

Today is more likely the day that you can get a job if you go ‘out’, network, instead of sending out your CV and sitting and waiting for people to find you. It doesn’t matter if you are a brilliant in what you are doing, you still need to be seen as an essential part to advance your career. Keeping your head down and just working is not a good approach if you have a better ideas for yourself in the future. The world is connected in ways we can’t imagine, and networking is one of the results of it. We have to be vocal and present our interests, career goals and simply built relationship with people to whom we were not to connected before.

An open mind, intercultural spirit that makes a learner of you in every new meeting with an unknown person should always bring something new. Maybe an innovative idea could be born like that, good advice received on how to push your professional ideas forward or simply just listening to other stories of success (and  no success) and learning from it.

Many people approach networking as a selling tool. It is not, on the contrary, it is all about opportunities and building relationships that could bring results in the future. Many people think it’s not their role to do the networking, but it is. It is expected that if someone sees himself as serious in what he does, he understands the market, the place where his products are sold and are planned to be sold. How else to understand better all that is happening if not from the people in that industry?!

We’ve all heard before that ‘knowing’ is the power, so we should seek information about new possibilities, projects which are on the horizon to develop and position ourselves with it. And why many jobs are not advertised.

If we imagine meeting many different stakeholders on a project, their main question is usually “what’s in it for me?!” This is also a type of networking where we learn about our business and practice how to deal with different types of personalities.

‘People know people’ and networking is a circle. If it’s done correctly it can perform some magic. Know your intention with every meeting, don’t just collect business cards. Set a goal, be positive and friendly, open about your career goals and certainly don’t forget to follow up and keep in touch! Networking is never done.