Plantation Housing

Plantation Housing for India

fourLINK Consulting have launched a new concept for low-cost tea plantation housing in India and Sri Lanka.

The concept is to improve the quality of lives of plantation workers and their families by providing dry and safe houses with a self-contained toilet and washing facilities, while providing the estate owners an affordable, movable and adaptable building solution.

Moving away from on-site wet build, the factory-built homes are easily transportable to any plantation site in India and provide affordable homes for the pluckers and their families.


The building sits on adjustable pads, meaning the finished floor level is between 40-70cm off the ground, preventing rising damp and to remove downpour run-off and flood damage risk. 

A built-in toilet and bathroom is included, with a composting toilet as an optional extra.

Relocatable and fireproof, these 561 sq. ft. buildings have an 85 sq. ft. covered veranda and are designed for a single family in line with Rainforest Alliance requirements on worker welfare. They contain three living rooms and a central kitchen.

The houses can be deployed quickly in villages with minimal site enabling works and can be easily moved to another location should this be required.


Optional photo voltaic electrical generation with battery back-up can also be added, meaning LED lighting both inside and outside, providing light to the village.

Rainwater harvesting for cleaning and showering purposes is an optional extra. We can also provide built environment consulting and accommodation construction consulting.