Ben Nevis Visitor Centre, Scotland

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Interpretation, Design and Fit-out: Ben Nevis, Scotland

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A good visitor centre caters to all visitors, and so we created an intreactive area which was developed further with soft play to cater for our younger visitors.

Being a small centre which needed to develop over time, we designed a lot of flexibility into the displays, while at the same time making them robust.

Ben Nevis Visitor Centre portable displays

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fourLINK carried out the stakeholder engagement, interpretation, design and management of the fit-out for the refusbishment of the prestigious Ben Nevis Visitor Centre in Scotland.

As an information point for visitors hoping to climb Britain's tallest mountain, the Centre attracts thousands of people from all over the world throughout the year.

Ben Nevis Visitor Centre
Ben Nevis Visitor Centre


Being a commercial facility, the retail display was also considered carefully by fourLINK who provided a retail system which matched the overall new fit-out of the refurbished Visitor Centre. 

Ben Nevis Visitor Centre


As part of our cultural interpretation, fourLINK joined forces with a local team to  produce a short video of Angus Grant, the famous "Left Handed Fiddler", playing his piece of music The Red Burn, which was inspired by the mighty Ben Nevis. Click here to watch the full video (Opens in an external window)