fourLIFE - Foldable and Portable Accommodation

fourLIFE Barber Shop

Delivery to Site

fourLIFE comes folded up within the footprint of a 20ft container, meaning exisiting truck and lifting infrastructure can be used to transport it to any site. Once on site, it can be lifted onto simple levelelled blocks or firm ground, and both sides unfolded. Electrical and plumbing connections are hooked up to external sources through standard connections.

It can then be easily foled up again and moved to another site, meaning fourLIFE is truely a unit for life!

fourLIFE interior for retail


The 2 bedoom with kitchen option is shown to the right, with an indication of how furniture can be fitted. The kitchen is standard in the residential version of fourLIFE.

Roof mounted solar panel options will be available on future models. 


fourLIFE is a factory produced ready-to-deploy foldable and transportable self-contained accommodation unit. It can be used as a 2 bedroom house with an integrated bathroom, a cafe, retail, offices or even dormitories. 

fourLIFE being unloaded


fourLIFE comes with an integrated bathroom as standard. The photo to the left shows the retail version, which is one large open space with bathroom module in the centre. All lighting, electrics, plumbing and internal finishes comes as standard and can be varied according to the customers requirements. 

fourLIFE Residential layout