fourPOD - High-end modular accomodation system

fourPOD preparing for dispatch

Delivery to Site

fourPOD can be transported by either a curtain sided truck or by sea within an open top 40ft container. A HIAB is requried  to lift the fourPOD and to fix the two halves together, ensuring a watertight and thermally continuous seal. A simple levelled block or concrete foudnation is all that is required, plus local electrical and plumbing connections.

fourPOD interior


fourPOD is our high-end residential pod unit which can be used as a living space, a bar, gym, or even a garden office. fourPOD is designed as a high quality, minimalist pavilion which can easily be placed next to a swimming pool or at a resort. fourPOD comes with a bathroom and kitchen as standard.

fourPOD being unloaded on site


Internal finishes can be chosen by the customer. All electrical, plumbing and ventilation extracts are provided from the factory.

The patio doors open up to connect the internal and external space together: perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing on the varanda.


The stanard fourPOD comes with a 3.7sqm  covered varanda and 16.4sqm of living space, including the bathroom. Each half of fourPOD is transported together and assemble on site.